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Princess Diana’s Ford Escort set to be sold at auction


Princess Diana’s loved Black Ford Escort will soon go to auction.

“We would not be surprised that it sold for more than 100,000 dollars,” Arwel Richards, a specialist in classic cars with Silverstone Auctions, which will host the auction on the 27th of August, informed The Daily Mail.

Princess Diana’s Ford Escort set to be sold at auction

A Ford Escort RS will come with just under 25,000 miles, a lifetime Tracker, the spare keys, Ford internal notes, and registration documents for the car.

The People’s Princess drove the tiny family car for three years between 1985 and 1988 when Harry and Prince William Harry and Prince William Harry were starting — before the protection services changed her to a more expensive model which offered greater privacy and security.

“Parallels could be drawn in connection with the RS Turbo’s status in the role of”the People’s Sports Car and the honorific of People’s Princess bestowed by the British public to Diana Princess Diana,” the auctioneers stated.

“The RS Turbo was never meant to drive the spouse or the next in line for the British or to carry the future king.”

Even with princess Di driving more expensive vehicles, auctioneers stated it was their Ford Escort RS Turbo “far surpasses the auction price which can sell for three times the amount of comparable models.”

The car was believed to have been the princess’s vehicle of choice because it was reminiscent of her previous car, which included an Escort, but it was red rather than black.

The Daily Mail also reported that driving the car could be an escape from Diana, who could be using the vehicle to visit friends or shop.

To make it more appropriate to a royal lifestyle, Ford’s vehicle engineering department provided the vehicle with the “stealth overhaul,” which featured an all-plastic front grille with five slats instead of three, as well as an additional rear view mirror for the guard she would have to ride along with.

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