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Johnny Depp ‘explained to me what homosexuality was when I was 9’


Christina Ricci has an extremely Hollywood story of how she discovered what it meant to be gay. It all started when the child actor was filming Mermaids alongside Winona Ryder. She then put her then-boyfriend Johnny Depp on the phone to explain the situation.

Johnny Depp 'explained to me what homosexuality was when I was 9'
Johnny Depp ‘explained to me what homosexuality was when I was 9’

Ricci shared the hilarious anecdote during the SiriusXM channel Andy Cohen Live in which she explained Depp “is the one who taught me about homosexuality meant when I was nine years old.”

“There was a situation at the set, and somebody was not friendly to another. They were like, “oh, it could be that he’s homophobic.’ Then I was like, “I do not understand what homophobia is, but I’m not sure what that means,” this Yellowjackets singer said on Wednesday. “I was in Winona’s movie, and she said, “I don’t understand how,” …’ she could explain it, so she got me onto the line with Johnny. Then Johnny explained the situation to me.”

Depp and Ryder Ryder, the most famous couple, broke up for the last time in 1993. They had just begun dating when the actresses shot the 1990’s “mermaids” 1990.

Ricci stated that Depp explained the idea of being gay is “the most basic term.”

“He said, “it’s when a guy is looking to have sex with one of his male friends. Also, when a woman wants to engage in sexual sex with a man, I thought, “ah, okay,” she said.

“I think Johnny Depp explained it well,” Cohen added.

“Just truthfully,” Ricci shared.

“I am in love with the fact that Winona Ryder was forced to get her on the line with Johnny Depp to get that information that she could not give away in a way, or I’m assuming you’ve got Cher on the next movie trailer.” Cohen quipped.

“I believe we should’ve walked over that,” Ricci laughed.

Ricci did several films with Depp and Depp, including Sleepy Hollow and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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