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Drew Barrymore Fans Applaud Star ‘Healing Her Inner Child’ in Viral Clip


Drew Barrymore fans celebrate the fun and joyful footage of her taking a walk in the rain and contemplating her troubled childhood.

Drew Barrymore Fans Applaud Star 'Healing Her Inner Child' in Viral Clip
Drew Barrymore Fans Applaud Star ‘Healing Her Inner Child’ in Viral Clip

The actress, who has become a talk show host, is now going viral on social media following her posting a clip of her enjoying herself during the downpour.

The Charlie’s Angels star took to Instagram this week to encourage her followers to have fun in the rain if they ever have the chance.

“Whenever you can go out in the rain, don’t miss the chance,” she yelled joyfully in the video clip.

The video of the 47-year-old enjoying the small moments of the world with such enthusiasm enthralled the fans.

“I would love to be loved by anything like Drew Barrymore loves everything. The perfect” read one tweet.

One person stated: “I want to see the world through the eyes of Drew Barrymore. Drew Barrymore is a person we don’t..”

But, it’s also created an online buzz about Barrymore’s childhood and her difficult parenthood in Hollywood as an actor in her early years.

One comment read, “People tend to forget or not be rude about what Drew Barrymore has experienced as an actress as a child. She has an existence filled with so many delights; I smile each time instantly.”

One other stated: “No one is healing their inner child better than Drew Barrymore.”

Another person said, “Some of you need to learn how she grew up. I’m happy she’s here today, taking in it raining.”

Barrymore is a member of a Hollywood family and rose to fame at the age of 7 in the cult Steven Spielberg blockbuster, ET.

But being raised in Tinseltown wasn’t the best choice for a toddler. The actress has talked about her struggles with substance abuse and separation from her parents at an early age.

In an open interview with The Guardian in 2015, Barrymore explained her lifestyle and said that she had been in rehab since she was 12.

“When I was 13, she was probably the youngest,” she wrote about the turbulent period in her life. The thought of being truly on my own was frightening. It was an extremely violent moment. After I stopped running, I was incredibly and very angry.”

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