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Ciara and Monica Show Up to Support Vanessa Bryant at Trial Over Crash Site Photos


Vanessa Bryant is suing L.A. County over the graphic leaked images of Kobe, their daughter Gianna and the seven other victims of the fatal January 2020 helicopter crash.

Ciara and Monica Show Up to Support Vanessa Bryant at Trial Over Crash Site Photos
Ciara and Monica Show Up to Support Vanessa Bryant at Trial Over Crash Site Photos

Vanessa Bryant had a support system when she entered court on Monday.
Kobe Bryant’s widow of 40 was in the presence of her two close friends, Ciara and Monica and her 19-year-old daughter Natalia Diamante at her trial in connection with the leaked photos of Kobe and their daughter Gianna the other seven victims of the fatal January 2020 helicopter crash.
The group sat beside her during the testimony of an internal police officer from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and even joined her outside in case she needed to stop for a time.

Shaquille O’Neal expressed his support for Vanessa in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, praising her for “holding people responsible” and noting that the actor “couldn’t imagine what she’s going through.”
“I feel for her,” said the actor. “We’ve never talked a lot [but] we’ve always had respect for each other. Every time I see her, it’s a hug, a laugh.”
As she continued her trial before L.A. County, Vanessa appeared on the stand on Friday, giving an emotional testimony for three hours about what she went through after the death of her husband and daughter.
She explained that she was overwhelmed after members of the LASD and other emergency personnel had allegedly posted graphic images on social media, which caused her “live in fear every day of being on social media and having these photos pop up.”
“I just remember not wanting to react because the girls were in the room,” Vanessa explained, referring to the other three children she has with Kobe – Capri 3, Bianka 5 and Natalia.

She said, “I bolted out of the house, broke down and cried, and just wanted to run down the block and scream. I can’t escape my body. I can’t escape what I feel.”
Vanessa is lawsuit L.A. County for emotional anxiety and mental trauma over the images purportedly shown. At the time of the crash, Kobe Gianna and Kobe Gianna were on their way to a basketball game for youth together with seven other players.
Vanessa and Chris Chester, who lost his wife Sarah and their 13-year-old daughter Payton in the crash, claim photos of the deceased’s bodies were shared with the public via at least 28 different devices belonging to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and by more than 12 first responders.
During his testimonies, Chris recalled finding out about the accident as he drove to Lost Hills sheriff’s station after messages addressed to Payton and Sarah were not answered.

“Lots of things were going through my head, but I thought I was going to a hospital,” he said, believing that Payton and Sarah were injured but alive. However, the hospital was extremely quiet; he also claimed, “I had started to get an eerie feeling.” He was transported to a place with other families, including Vanessa and her family, where they were finally informed that no one was left to help.
“It was heavy,” he admitted. “My life will never be the same.”
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Chris said he was assured that all the images of the coroner and the National Transportation Safety Board -which investigates aviation accidents, would be secured. He said he was stunned when he learned that sheriff’s department personnel had photocopied and published photos from the crash site.

Since then, Chris said, he has been afflicted with anxiety due to the idea of images being leaked to the media. Chris has also been suffering from depression following the crash, he stated.
In the course of the trial in the trial, the former Los Angeles fire captain Brian Jordan stated that the trauma of witnessing the wreckage of the crash prompted him to resign. Jordan was charged with taking graphic and closely cropped images of body parts at the scene. However, he claimed the photos were taken as the directions.

“It was horrifying and what put me off the job,” said the employee.
L.A. County had tried to dismiss Vanessa’s case in December 2021. However, the judge denied their request. In her statement filed in response to the motion, Vanessa stated that she’s experienced “tremendous pain and distress.”
The fatal crash of the helicopter in January 2020 also killed 14-year-old Alyssa Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, 46, John Altobelli, 56, Christina Mauser, 38 and Pilot Ara Zobayan, 50.

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