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Best 5 Software In Windows


Best 5 Software In Windows: How are you all? Hope everybody is doing well. In today’s blog, I will discuss with you the five essential computer software. These five pieces of software are very useful on our computer. We use this software for many kinds of necessary tasks starting from small tasks. I will discuss with you the five most popular software for doing these small essential tasks.

Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular software for photo editing. The software that most of us humans use on computers. You can do any kind of photo editing with this software. However, you need to pay for this software if you want to use the premium version. You cannot use Adobe Photoshop for free. If you want to use this software for free then you must use the crack version. So if you do little work or if you do not do any professional work then you can use the crack version. However, using a crack version is a little harmful to our computer. Because the cracked version may contain a lot of malware and viruses. Which can do various harms to our computer. So if you can, you can use the Adobe Photoshop license on your computer. And if you can’t buy an Adobe Photoshop license, you can use the crack version if you want. And graphic designers design with this software. With it, you can do any of your photo editing work instantly. You can easily learn the art of image editing by watching any YouTube video. If you use this software regularly, then you can easily learn the basic functions of the software. As a result, you can edit any photo on your computer.

Bijoy 52:

Best 5 Software In Windows: Bijoy 52 is another software of our computer. The software we use to write Bangla. When we want to write Bangla with the computer. Or when we go to write Bangla in any browser but we have problems to write Bangla. For which we have to install a software called Bijoy 52. If this Bijoy 52 is installed on your computer then you can write Bangla very easily. You can also use Unicode if you want to type in any browser. Bijoy 52 has Unicode in Bengali and English format. You can work using any of the formats. You can change what is needed through keyboard shortcuts. Because Bijoy 52 is given keyboard shortcuts. Using which you can easily change from Bengali to English and from English to Unicode. If you want to use English to Bengali then you have to use CTR + ALT + B. And if you want to do Unicode from English then you have to use CTRL + ALT + V. In this way you can convert from Bengali and Unicode to English again with the same rules.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular software for video editing. If you want to do short video editing or any video editing you need, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro. With this software, you can easily do any kind of video editing. You will find many videos about Adobe Premiere Pro on YouTube. You can learn the workings of Adobe Premier Pro by watching them. You can do any kind of video editing after learning a few things. Then you can gradually increase your skills by video editing. You can easily use Adobe Premiere Pro.

Free cam:

Free cam is one of the most popular free software for screen recording on our computer. You can use the cream for any type of screen recording. This software can be used for free. You can download it from the free website. After downloading, you can easily use this software to do screen recording on your computer. You can use this software to do screen recording on your computer. If you need computer screen recording. Or you may want to show someone a screen recording of your computer. Then you can use the free cam software to record your screen and share that video with anyone.


Best 5 Software In Windows: TeamViewer is software that allows you to remotely control one computer to another. Or you can exchange files. Many times we have problems with our computer. Or we may want to fix a problem with my friend or someone else’s computer from my own computer. If there is any such problem then you can use Timbuvar. Which allows you to access your friend’s computer from your computer. For this, you both need to have TeamViewer installed on your computer. You will then be able to connect using Timbuver’s password and username. Then you can easily take access from one computer to another computer. This way you can easily work with your computer on the computer of any of your distant friends or anyone else. You can also transfer any file from one computer to another through this software. You can easily transfer files using TeamViewer.

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