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Best 10 Ways of Making Money Online

Best 10 Way of Make Money Online - Part 2
Best 10 Way of Make Money Online - Part 2

Best 10 Ways of Making Money Online: Blogging is another important system to earn money from mobile internet. You can easily earn money from the internet by blogging from Google AdSense. You can also earn money from various third-party companies in addition to Google AdSense. And to do this blogging, you must have the habit of writing. If you have the habit of writing, you can write much better by yourself. Then you can start blogging. You must spend some money to start blogging. Plus, you’ll be getting started on Google’s blog site for free. However, it is a little difficult to get monetization from the free Google blog site, in that case, it is a little difficult to get your AdSense. If you buy a custom domain or buy your hosting or you just buy a domain you can build your website using that domain on Google’s blog site. Then you will write on any one of the categories of your choice on that blog site so that you can earn money from your blog site.

Make Money:

Best 10 Ways of Make Money Online:: However, there is no specific blog site like YouTube. With 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube, it instantly monetizes you if everything on your channel is OK. Google has no such thing when it comes to blogging. In this case, you have to post 30 40 hours. You can apply for AdSense if you have a lot of visitors to your website in the first place and if you have written the content of your website by yourself if you have any kind of copyrighted image or any kind of copyright writing on your website. Google will look at everything on your website and if everything is OK then it will give you AdSense. You can still earn income by visiting the ad. Those who visit your website will see the ads that will be your income from that end.
Then if AdSense is approved on your website you should post regularly and ACO those posts well so that your posts are at the top of Google-search and people read your posts. Because your main earning here will come on top of the visitors. If your website does not have visitors, but if you have AdSense on your website, you will not have income. So your post must be good. Below is a detailed discussion of how you can start blogging. How to get started and how to get started are discussed below.

Free blog site:

Best 10 Ways of Making Money Online 2022: You can build any website for free using Google’s blogger.com. You do not have to spend any money on this. You can make that website yourself by watching various videos on YouTube through mobile or computer. Then you will design your website properly.
You must have three to four pages on your website which are About Us’ Contact Privacy Policy. Then you must add a menu to your website. So that people can easily go to the different content of your website from that menu. Design your website very nicely so that it is SEO friendly and makes the website look very beautiful on both mobile and computer. You will then apply for AdSense after you regularly post 30 40 50. You will apply after some visitors come to your website. If not, but your AdSense will reject. You will have to wait a long time again.
After you apply for AdSense, Google will look at everything on your website, how many visitors you have, whether you have brought them correctly, then you have added the pages of your website, whether the menus are working properly. When you complete all these things and post them on your website and your website has a good number of visitors then your AdSense will be added. In this case, you do not have to take any kind of domain, you can only create such a website using the blogger site.

Buy a custom domain:

Best 10 Ways of Making Money Online: The second number is that you can only add a blogger by buying a domain. This way, if you want to buy a custom domain in your name, you can only buy a domain from any hosting company and add it to the Blogger site. This will make it a little easier to get AdSense on your website. It takes a little more visitors to get free domain AdSense and your website will look much better. But if you use a custom domain, you will get your AdSense very quickly. In this case, even if your visitors are low, it will not be a problem. Also, in the case of a custom domain, the SEO of your website will be much better. Your website will be very good in search engines. Because if you create a domain with a free blog site, then it is too late for your website to appear in search engines. So you will try to buy only one domain and add it to your blog site. In this case, you only have to spend money on the domain.

Domain Hosting:

Best 10 Ways of Making Money Online: Third, you can buy a domain and host from any company. In this case, you do not need to use any kind of blogger site. You can build the whole site with WordPress. If you can buy a domain hosting from any company. You can easily create a WordPress site by watching any video, like a newspaper site or a blog site. You use any one theme. And if you spell with WordPress, you will get a lot more benefits. In your case, there is a possibility of searching for your post much more. Because a lot can be customized on the WordPress site. If you want to invest some money in your website then you can buy domain and hosting. But in this case, you have to keep one more thing in mind but you have to renew this domain and hosting every year. But in this case, you have to spend some money. Because if you want to buy a good quality domain then you must spend 800 to 900 rupees for the domain and about one thousand rupees per year for hosting. In all, you will have to spend around 2,000 per year on domain and hosting. I will list some of the domain names below that you can take from these.

Earn money:

Best 10 Ways of Making Money Online: Build your site with WordPress then your website will grow very fast and you will get AdSense very easily. Because if you want to build a site with WordPress, you can do SEO. Google can easily index your pages and posts. So you can try spending some money if you want to work well then you buy a domain and hosting to work. This way you can start blogging in any of the above three ways if you have a lot of interest in writing.
In today’s blog, I have shared two ways to earn money with mobile and computer. One is from YouTube and the other is from blogging. You can easily earn money from Google through mobile or computer.

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