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‘Batgirl’ star Leslie Grace posts tribute to fans after Warner Bros. axes $90 million film


NEW YORK — Warner Bros. has cancelled the $90 million ” Batgirl” film that was planned for HBO Max.

'Batgirl' star Leslie Grace posts tribute to fans after Warner Bros. axes $90 million film
‘Batgirl’ star Leslie Grace posts tribute to fans after Warner Bros. axes $90 million film

Leslie Grace, who was to play the title role in the film, expressed her gratitude to her followers on Instagram Wednesday.

She wrote, “I am proud to be able to see the love, hardwork and determination all of our amazing cast and tireless crew put into this movie over seven months in Scotland.” “I am blessed to have worked with absolute greats and forge relationships that will last a lifetime.”

She said: “To all Batgirl fans – THANK YOU FOR the love and belief that allowed me to take on my cape and be, as Babs put it best, “my own damn hero!” “

Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah, the film’s directors, released a joint declaration on Instagram. They wrote that they were “saddened by the news.”

Arbi and Fallah wrote, “We still cannot believe it.” “As directors it is crucial that our work is shown to audiences. While the film was not finished, we wish that all fans around the globe would have the chance to see the final film. They might one day, insha’Allah.

They thanked the cast and Grace from ” in the Heights“, who played Batgirl with “so much passion, dedication, and humanity”.

Warner Bros. continues with ‘The Flash’: Michael Keaton is back as Batman in the first glimpse of ‘The Flash’ movie with Ezra Miller

According to an unidentified source, the decision to axe the film was made by someone connected to it. This is unusual for such a high-profile and expensive movie. The studio decided that “Batgirl” did not merit a streaming debut, nor a theatrical release. Instead, they have written off the film with Grace and co-starring Michael Keaton (returning to Batman) and J.K. Simmons.

Warner Bros. has a new chief executive officer, David Zaslav. Warner Bros. has shifted its strategy to reduce costs and release films under the leadership of Discovery’s chief executive David Zaslav. The studio introduced day-and-date release in 2021 under the previous chief executive Jason Kilar. This was partly in response to pandemics. Some films, such as “Batgirl,” were made exclusively for HBO Max.

Warner Bros. will be returning to theaters for at least 45 days this year before sending movies to HBO Max. Although “Batgirl” may not be as expensive as other superhero films that cost between $150-200m to make, it is a larger budget HBO Max movie. Zaslav believes that movies with higher budgets are better served by theatrical distribution. But marketing a movie such as “Batgirl,” for this kind of release would take tens of million more. Warner Bros. Discovery will report its second quarter earnings on Thursday.

Warner Bros. representatives declined to comment. Discovery declined to comment.

Warner Bros. also canceled “Scoob!” : Holiday Haunt,” a nearly-finished sequel to 2020’s “Scoob!” Tony Cervone, the producer and writer of “Scoob!” confirmed via an Instagram post Tuesday, that “Scoob” was cancelled.

Cervone wrote, “Yes, I am afraid that this is true.” “The movie is almost finished and it turned out beautifully. I am beyond heartbroken.”

Warner Bros. has announced the cancellation of “Batgirl” as it attempts to revamp its DC Films operations. Warner Bros.’ DC films have been inconsistent and plagued with controversy, despite “The Batman” selling well earlier in the year. ” The Flash,” due to be released next June, stars Ezra Miller, who was twice arrested in Hawaii in disorderly conduct cases and on suspicion for assault.

Warner Bros. hopes to reorganize its DC pipeline and not make it smaller than its competitor Marvel. These plans didn’t work out for Batgirl.

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